Company profile

As a privately held company, Point FWD is able to follow its own strategy and course. Founded from an intrinsic motivation to help clients move forward, by solving their issues or obstacles. Since the founding in 2011, Point FWD has grown into a company with dedicated team members and it annually facilitates several students to graduate on challenging thesis subjects. The core of Point FWD consists of four unique individuals and is expected to grow in the future.

At our office in Amsterdam we get excited when:
  • We read or hear about technological advancements
  • Someone offers to get a round of coffee
  • We are asked to test, build or create a prototype
  • A cool new gadget is launched
  • Our clients present us with a seemingly impossible challenge
  • We successfully provide a solution to that challenge
We specialize in

Regulatory advice

Changes in legislation can be a challenge, Point FWD has experts on aviation security legislation and can provide valuable assistance.

Implementation advice

We are convinced that every implementation situation is unique, yet we are convinced that our experience enables us to give constructive advice.

Airport logistics

Improving airport logistical processes can result in enhanced passenger experiences and better operational results.


An inspirational session focused on your problem or situation can help and kick-start a project.

Checkpoint Analysis

Data driven decision making is a key to success, we have developed a tool that enables this for aviation security checkpoints.

Data analysis

Interpreting and understanding the data created by assets in a lane is a craft we are extremely skillful at, regardless of manufacturer or model.

Checkpoint design

Checkpoint design based on data not aesthetics is what we stand for, we know the numbers and are very eager to share our knowledge.

Product development

As a team consisting of engineers and creatives we love to help develop or redevelop a product.

Our Team
Gunther 10×10

Gunther van Adrichem

Managing Director

Sisi 10×10

Sisi Gardt


Paul 10×10

Paul van Gaalen


Robert 10×10

Robert Schuur


Sue 10×10

Sue van Kooijk

Change management

Job 10×10

Job Koot

Security engineer


Michael Verhage

Security engineer

Thomas 10×10

Thomas Hof

Security engineer

Foto: Roy Beusker

Melanie van Binsbergen

Graduate Intern

Headshot Sebas Bw

Sebastiaan van Dijck

IT Security engineer