Advisory services

Our advisory services form the core of Point FWD, it is the reason the company was founded; to share our knowledge and help clients move forward and improve their own processes and operation. The client list has steadily grown and so have the provided services, we now offer a wide range of high quality and specialized services that have proven to be extremely helpful to our clients. For more information feel free to contact us at any point, we are more then willing to answer any questions.

Changes in legislation can have a major impact on existing procedures and operations, we have specialized in being up-to-date with aviation security relevant legislation. With the publication of relevant new legislation or amendments we strive to immediately understand their impact on aviation security processes. We use our in-house tools and dashboards to model the possible affect so we can properly advice on the best way to implement and respond to new legislation.

Legislative knowledge

Through our experience and collaboration with legislative entities, we are up-to-date with current and future legislation.

Guidance material

We deliver guidance and advisory reports, reports consisting of practical advice. We work with the clients perspective in mind, so we strive for implementable and realistic advice.

Process impact

Process impact analysis for changes in legislation is a crucial element in our mind. Knowing the influence of legislation on existing or changing processes can help make the right decisions.


We always work in cooperation with our clients, keeping you in the loop and informed, this way we make sure we are working towards the same goal.

The implementation of equipment can have numerous reasons: legislative changes, process improvement, redesign etc. The choice of manufacturers is wide spread and most offer great improvements, we have committed to giving: unbiased, facts and modeling based advice on this subject. Often times the best way to move forward is to implement common technology instead of high-tech innovations, either way our advice will be based on your prerequisites and our market expertise.

Hands on

Our team consist of engineers that all have extensive field experience, we know the inner workings of the equipment and understand their limitations and capabilities.


Implementing new technology in existing processes requires precise planning and testing, we understand every project and airport is unique and we prepare ourselves extensively.

Data driven

Our advice is always supported by data, data either provided by you or collected by us. We are convinced that data can help make the right decisions when it comes to choosing a sustainable solution.


Because Point FWD is privately held and operated we are not biased to certain manufacturers or suppliers, therefore we are proud that the advice we provide is unbiased and honest.

An airport is a logistical epicenter, with countless processes cramped into often especially limited space. Redesigns of processes can cause headache when the footprint seems to small. Searching for a solution that fits the predefined footprint and optimizes the process is a challenge, but we make sure we rise to this challenge. With our creativity and engineering insight we find solutions for your logistical passenger and baggage processes.

Airport knowledge

Our team consists of engineers with extensive field experience, we apply that experience and knowledge in logistical projects.


We believe that decision making should be based on data, therefore in airport logistics projects we use our in-house developed tools. These tools use relevant operational data and in turn allow us to give practical advice supported by your own data.

Apart from the project based advisory work, we can organize inspirational workshop sessions. These sessions are aimed at direct problem solving and can have any subject you desire, from regulatory sessions to process change sessions. These workshops can be organized at our offices or yours, we make sure we are well prepared and meet your expectations.

Tailor made

The workshops are tailor made to your desires, we make sure we come fully prepared and ready for any questions.


A fresh pair of eyes and a creative approach can help solve many challenges, we are not afraid to move away from the beaten track to find a suitable solution and are confident we can help you.