Data handling services

Our belief is that decisions are best made when supported by data, valuable operational data, so as a result over time our data handling tools were developed. This development was often a way to support our advisory work, to prove our reasoning and explain our advice. However the tools have come to a point where they are stand-alone data handling tools for security checkpoints; ranging from analysis to design and compliancy. For more information feel free to contact us at any point, we are more then willing to answer any questions.

At Point FWD we like to be thorough, one of the methods we employ in analysis and advice is an on-site process measurement. We have developed our in-company measurement tool for Windows tablets, this enables us to visit your airport and generate comprehensive data on your process. We do not like generalizations and understand every airport is different, thus when we do on-site measurements we follow a certain rigorous routine.

Comprehending your process

The first and most important step in an on-site measurement is to understand your process. We start with a questionnaire before arrival and follow up with an interview and site survey upon arrival.


When the on-site measurements are completed we conclude the visit with a debrief and provide initial results. The goal is to give advice on possible checkpoint improvements and assist in reaching the maximum capacity of your process.

On-site measurements

The actual measurements are executed during peak-hours for optimal checkpoint load. Generally we use a two man team for 1 day per checkpoint in order to generate a satisfactory initial amount of data points.

Advice report

After our return to our Amsterdam offices we combine the gathered data and perform an in-depth analysis. The end result is a complete and thorough analysis of your checkpoint with an indication and advice on how to improve. The end report can be a presentation and/or a full advice report.

Airports of any size deal with security, security procedures and legislation. In order to create a positive experience for your passengers, the time spent in checkpoints should be kept to a minimum. Point FWD has developed a checkpoint analysis tool that enables you to create insight in, but is not limited to: checkpoint performance, throughput, reject rates, reclaim times, preparation times and average pax/minute.


The checkpoint analysis tool enables you to easily gain insight and keep track of your KPI’s. We use existing data to create a comprehensive overview of your security checkpoint.


Complete daily, monthly and yearly overviews of checkpoint KPI’s are instantly possible and available with the checkpoint analysis tool. We consider it an ideal method of reporting to superiors and peers within your airport.

Data management

The checkpoint analysis tool enables both the operational and strategic responsible parties to monitor and improve. With near real-time information decision making becomes more robust and allows for more accurate predictions based on post-event data.


Enhanced checkpoint performance is among the desired improvement points of most airports. Keep an eye on your improvement plans and share the checkpoint analysis tool with your colleagues from all departments within your airport.

When you’re in the process of developing and designing a new security checkpoint or assessing an existing one at your airport, an assessment tool can be very helpful. Our tool will enable you to make decisions based on reliable data and without any preconceived preference for any type of system or manufacturer.


We adjust the checkpoint assessment tool specifically to your existing checkpoint or to the dimensions/KPI’s a new checkpoint must meet.

KPI driven

The assessment tool is designed to reveal any possible bottlenecks within the process, limiting factors will be clear and can be dealt with successfully.

Independent advice

Since we are a independent consultancy firm with very detailed insight into the manufacturers market, we are able to compare the market and give advice based on relevant data instead of preference.


When the desired dimensions, KPI’s and limitations are clear we start the assessment, often finding several checkpoint possibilities. We will conceive the most suitable for your location in close contact with you.

Monitoring the current TIP compliancy status of x-ray operators can be a tedious and complicated task. We have developed an automated TIP dashboard that shows individual and group compliancy and performance statuses. Enabling you to effectively manage and train operators and improve performance.


Get instant insight in group and individual performance, analysis on detailed levels are possible.

Trend report

Recognize trends within the whole x-ray operator population and undertake trend breaking action, ensuring high levels of operator quality through targeted training.


The TIP dashboard is an approved method by the appropriate authorities to monitor and report TIP compliancy statistics.


The TIP dashboard automates the whole TIP compliancy process, increasing your efficiency and effectiveness.