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Project Management

As a team Point FWD has vast experience in the implementation of airport security equipment. Over the years we have been involved in a high variety of global client engagements, most often with different complexity and scale, but always with an accurate and adaptable sight on the goal. 

Project management as a service is something we have been developing naturally so to say, because of our broad subject matter expertise (e.g. innovation, design, modelling and operation) in airport security processes. We experience that integration of security equipment and other components is important to overall operational success and we therefore always thrive on strong joint effort between stakeholders involved. 


  • Modern passenger screening;
  • Cabin- and hold baggage screening;
  • Access control;
  • Full security lane configurations. 

As an independent consultancy company, Point FWD works together with several equipment manufacturers towards high quality and reliable product implementations, supporting checkpoint solutions, rather than point solutions.