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Service and support

The implementation of service and support is the last step to complete and will be crucial for the success of the product, technology and process implementation. Adaptation of products after implementation is fully dependent on the quality of service and support. Therefore, it is the connecting dot in all projects and implementations to guard the intended quality. It is the last step of an implementation process and the start for innovative ideas due to operational experience. All steps in projects and implementation should lead to a supportable solution, so quality can always be guaranteed.


Implementation of service 

key focus areas:


Communication processes

Support process setup

Maintenance setup

Maintaining quality

Continuous improvement

Data analyses

Load testing and periodical check-ups

Service and support is not only a matter of keeping something up and running so it can make it to the finish. It is keeping it smoothly in 5th gear while looking if you can shift to the next in a fluid way so that you can be ahead of others and keep winning the race. Implementation of service with the .FWD approach will connect the dots in an efficient way between operations, support and new desires. 

Our SME’s in Service and Support implemented service and support processes at international airports for a leading airport technology provider. Experience with implementation of products that are integrated with multiple other technologies, hardware and the involvement of different stakeholders are the bases of the .FWD approach in service and support.